California Water Plan

The Governor’s Plan
Governor Jerry Brown has proposed Double Tunnels to siphon a tremendous amount of water from our delta area to the San Joaquin Valley and southern California. It will devastate the Delta.

Articles about the Plan:

Bay Delta Conservation Plan: rubber-stamping the Governor’s Plan

The Bay Delta Conservation Plan has rubber-stamped the Governor’s plans. The original plan called for an assessment of alternative plans. Since then, the people of the BDCP have deleted the necessary component of an alternative plan.


Congressman John Garamendi has proposed an comprehensive water plan for all of California.
CLICK HERE to download the PDF of Garamendi’s Water Plan for All of California

A resolution has been endorsed by the Issues Committee of the Democratic Party of Contra Costa County. It has been submitted to the CDP.
CLICK HERE to download the Resolution for Support of Garamendi’s Water Plan

To become more involved, visit the web site Restore the Delta