Meeting Thursday January 22, 2015 Piketty’s Capital

Thomas Piketty’s Book
“Capital in the 21st Century”
Thursday, January 22, 2015
Speaker: Ramsay Thomas
6:45 Dinner (There are only 2 spaces left for the Option of “Presentation Only”)
7:15 Program
Crow Canyon Country Club, Danville, CA

Thomas Piketty, French economist, wrote about relationship between income, capital and income equality. The book argues that the rate of capital return in developed countries is persistently greater than the rate of economic growth, and that this will cause wealth inequality to increase in the future.

To be discussed:

  • Why does the value of capital grow faster than the economy?
  • What have been the wealth trends during the last two centuries?
  • Why did the wealth gap drop so dramatically from 1914 to the 1970s?
  • Why is the growing wealth gap a problem?
  • What policies would reduce the widening wealth gap?

Ramsay Thomas has a great synopsis about this 700+page book with a PowerPoint presentation featuring graphs and charts from Piketty’s Book. This presentation is a collaboration that grew out of a book/study group whose members read and discussed “Capital” over a few months. Piketty actually has made his graphs and charts available online. A few of our members saw this presentation and thought it would be a wonderful presentation for our meeting. Ramsay Thomas is a retired AP History and AP Comparative Government and Economics teacher from the Acalanes High School District.

If you want to get a preview to see the PowerPoint Presentation, here it is: Piketty PPT

If you want a preview of the PowerPoint Presentation, here it is in PDF format: Piketty PPT in PDF Format. (It takes about 30 seconds to load)

Crow Canyon Country Club is located at 711 Silver Lake Drive, Danville, CA.
Even if you opt to attend just the meeting, please join us at 6:15 pm to talk about the latest political news or to just socialize and have fun.

Members & Invited Guests: $25
Non-members: $30 ($25 for dinner and $5 requested donation to help offset program costs)
Presentation only: Free ($5 requested donation)

Please email Brodie Hilp that you are coming by Monday, January19 (we need a ‘head count’ for the dinner). Thank you for your help.

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