Double Feature: Net Neutrality & Oil Money Out

Mitch Stoltz Electronic Frontier Foundation

Mitch Stoltz
Electronic Frontier Foundation

Mitch Stoltz
Electronic Frontier Foundation and
David Braun
Co-Founder of Americans Against Fracking
Thursday, June 22 2017
6:00 Networking
6:45 Dinner
($26 for members; $30 for nonmembers)
7:15 Program
Crow Canyon Country Club
711 Silver Lake Drive, Danville
Please RSVP

David Braun Co-Founder Americans Against Fracking

David Braun
Co-Founder Americans Against Fracking

WE WILL RESIST! We will resist the administration’s Federal Communications Committee’s threat to eliminate Net Neutrality, which we fought so hard for three years ago. Do you want Internet service providers such as Comcast, AT&T, or Verizon, choosing what websites and apps you can use, or charge websites a toll in order to reach you?

We will resist the government taking away our internet privacy rights. The information of our internet searches should not be a comity which companies can sell. Do you know if you have internet privacy rights?


WE WILL RESIST! We will resist oil companies and fracking companies from polluting our urban areas, oilmoneyoutas well as our water aquifers! Do you know there is oil drilling in urban areas? Come learn about action items we can do. Did you attend the Oil MONEY OUT rally in SF? Come meet the organizer!


Mitch Stoltz
Mitch Stoltz is a Senior Staff Attorney at the Electronic Frontier Foundation in San Francisco. Mitch works on cases where free speech and innovation collide with copyright and trademark law. His current projects include improving the legal environment for software developers and tinkerers, fighting censorship on the Internet, and promoting innovation in Internet television and video. Before joining EFF, Mitch was an associate at Constantine Cannon LLP in Washington DC, and a software engineer at Netscape Communications/AOL. A native of Walnut Creek, Mitch has a JD from Boston University and a BA in Public Policy and Computer Science from Pomona College.

David Braun
David Braun is the Director of Rootskeeper, and a Co-Founder of Americans Against Fracking. He has been working to stop fracking for a number of years and is the President and co-founder of United for Action and the lead organizer for New Yorkers Against Fracking, a statewide coalition for a ban. Interestingly, he was the grassroots coordinator for the film, Gasland, and designed the outreach plan for soon to be released new installment, Gasland 2. Previously, he was an organizer for MoveOn and has worked on numerous social, environmental and economic justice campaigns.

Please join us at 6:00 pm to informally talk about ways to resist and get involved.

Members & Invited Guests: $26
Non-members: $30 ($26 for dinner and $4 requested donation to help offset program costs)

Please email Brodie Hilp that you are coming by Thursday, June 15 (we need a ‘head count’ for the dinner). Thank you for your help.

RSVP: To make certain you have a dinner, please RSVP.
Please make checks payable to Brodie Hilp, to 130 Bridgeside Circle, Danville, CA 94506