SB 562 the Healthy California Act

At the June 22, 2017 meeting, the San Ramon Valley Democratic Club vote to endorse the following resolution and to endorse SB 562,the Healthy California Act.
Resolution of the San Ramon Valley Democratic Club in support of The Healthy California Act, SB 562

Whereas, all residents of California have a human right to health care and universal access to reliable, comprehensive health care is necessary for a healthy, productive population; and

Whereas, when enacted, The Healthy California Act will guarantee that every resident of California will receive comprehensive health care services for all medically necessary care, including: medical, vision, dental, hearing, and reproductive care; and

Whereas, the Affordable Care Act provided many more Californians with healthcare insurance, nevertheless many Californians currently face increased premiums, co-pays, and deductibles, with little choice of providers; and

Whereas, the Affordable Care Act is currently under attack by Congress and the Trump Administration; and

Whereas, a universal, single-payer health insurance system, with consolidated financing and an accountable public structure, has been demonstrated in other countries, and predicted in numerous American studies, to result in lower costs to businesses, individuals, and government; and

Whereas, The Healthy California Act will provide a safety net for working families, children, immigrants, seniors, LGBTQ community and those who have had problems gaining access to health care; and

Whereas, a January 2017 Pew poll shows that 60% of Americans, and 85% of Democrats believe government should be responsible for insuring that all people have healthcare; and

Whereas, the 2016 California Democratic Platform advocates legislation to create and implement a publicly funded (single-payer), privately delivered, fiscally tractable, affordable, comprehensive, secure, high-quality, efficient, and sustainable health care system for all Californians,

Therefore, be it resolved that The San Ramon Valley Democratic Club supports The Healthy California Act (SB 562).